Visual Builder

A no-code editor designed and built to make complicated operations simple.

What is Visual Builder?

Visual builder is a product in the Bandwidth Maestro platform that is new way for Bandwidth users to configure their phone number settings without having to learn the complexity of traditional telecom interfaces.

A new journey begins

A no-code tool had never been developed before. Visual builder would be the first Bandwidth product to be developed with the user's experience being the driving measurement of success.

I was given the opportunity to lead this new and ambitious project. My voice product expertise, relationship with stakeholders, and recent success with design library development gave the product leaders confidence that I could deliver a design that was not only new for Bandwidth, but industry altering at its core.

The following sections are a small snippet of all the learning, designing, and iteration that I did for the Visual Builder product as well as some of the impacts that I made.


A new complex system took many hours of design iteration.

Every iteration that I designed went through hours of user testing.

Test results would directly influence design iterations and the cycle would begin again.


Like all projects, good documentation was essential to ensuring no details got left behind during the handoff process.


For much of the development process, Figma prototypes were the only way for non-developer teams to view what Visual Builder is and how users interact with it.

Using only Figma, I constructed complex prototypes and animations that stakeholders and testers would interact with and provide feedback on.

Award winning

Visual Builder and its parent product Maestro, were submitted for the Best-in-show award at Enterprise Connect 2023.

Due to development beginning around the same time as the conference, my designs were a significant portion of the product that was submitted alongside a working demo/showcase demonstrating drag-and-drop functionality .

Maestro and Visual builder would go on to win Best of Enterprise Connect 2023.


With the release of Maestro (Visual builder's parent product), my Visual Builder designs became a core influence for the marketing site redesign.

While I had no involvement with the marketing site redesign (other than ensuring a design system was followed), its difficult to visit any part of Bandwidth's website without encountering into a Visual Builder influenced design.

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